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Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 53rd Day, 8th Week
Sunrise [hr]: 06:51, Sunset 17:24 LoD 10:33:05
Moonrise [hr]: 06:34, Moonset 18:23
Leo [%]: Wellness 62, Intellect 58, Love 93, Emotions 11,
Intuition 63, Creativity 33, Work 11, Money 95
Born Today: George Washington (“280”), Arthur Schopenhauer,
Pierre Janssen, Luis Buñuel, Robert Young (“105”), Sid Abel,
Zdeněk Čížkovský, Giulietta Masina, Josip Kleczek, Rebecca Schull,
Bobby Smith, Petr Skarlant, Niki Lauda, Olga Morozova, Julius Erving,
Miou-Miou, Julie Walters, Kyle MacLachlan, Gigi Fernández, Dean Karr,
Pat LaFontaine, Brian Laudrup, Michael Chang (40), Drew Barrymore,
David Výborný, Jenna Haze (30)
CZK: 25.170 (1.02%), $US 19.023 (0.94%), Ł 29.817 (0.10%)
Weather in CZE, Brno: Mostly cloudy, Partly cloudy, Overcast, Clear
Temperature [°C]: 0, 6 (11hr), 6 (15hr), 5 (18hr), 0 (22hr)
Wind [km/h]: Calm, SW/3, SW/5, Calm
Humidity [%]: 65, 26, 47, 89
WStats [km]: W 4|51 M 21|181 Y 50|1179 T 1381
RStats [km]: W 12|35 M 18|106 Y 103|343 T 463
Overall-Stats [km]: Y 153|1522 T 1844

Marie Colvin Dead: American War Reporter Killed In Syria. French photojournalist Remi Ochlik died alongside Colvin. RIP. [hup – 1, 2] [sky] [cbs] [wap] [nyt] [cnn – 1, 2, 3, vid] [bbc] [reu] [ctk] [akt] [idn] [nov]

Charlie Beckett [1]: Marie Colvin: What She Would Have Wanted. Anyone who worked with or met Marie Colvin, or consumed her extraordinary output knew she was more than just a great journalist. She was also a huge personality bursting with compassion for the suffering that her reporting showed us. [hup]

Hájek: Zaorálek (ČSSD) kritikou Klause projevil neobhajitelnou hloupost. [ctk] [lid]

In the Electro-Motive shutdown, an unsettling message for Canadian industry. The decision by Caterpillar, Inc., to close its locomotive plant in London, Ontario, putting 700 people out of work, offers a lesson in the ruthlessness of the global marketplace and raises questions about Canada’s ability to compete. [gam]

145 black bears killed by Fish and Wildlife conservation officers in Alberta Oil Sands. [hup]

Hepatitis C has surpassed HIV as a killer of U.S. adults, and screening all “baby boomers” could be one way to stem the problem, according to two new government studies. [reu]

House of the Day: David Hyde Pierce’s Spanish Palace. It’s a home that even the obsessively picky Dr. Niles Crane would love. [aol]

Brusel chce nechat posoudit ACTA evropským soudem. [ctk]

Amazon s levným tabletem Kindle Fire (14%) srazil podíl iPadů (54%). Napodobit ho chce Barnes & Noble s levným tabletem Nook. [idn]

Facebook’s nudity and violence guidelines laid bare. No nipples, but crushed limbs are OK: Document leak reveals the social network’s attitudes to sex and violence. [grd]

Apple shareholders to meet as stock at record high. [reu]

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February 2012
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