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Saturday, January 21, 2012, 21st Day, 3rd Week
Sunrise [hr]: 07:39, Sunset 16:31 LoD 08:52:46
Moonrise [hr]: 06:00, Moonset 14:43
Leo [%]: Wellness 35, Intellect 86, Love 56, Emotions 31,
Intuition 36, Creativity 68, Work 17, Money 71
Born Today: Georges Vézina („125“), Ricardo Zamora, Christian Dior,
Igor Moiseyev, Telly Savalas („90“), Paul Scofield („90“), Dina Gottliebová,
Benny Hill, Steve Reeves, Eva Olmerová, Jack Nicklaus, Plácido Domingo,
Martin Shaw, Jill Eikenberry (65), Billy Ocean, Paul Allen, Phil Thompson,
Geena Davis, Alex McLeish, Marie Trintignant („50“), Hakeem Olajuwon,
Detlef Schrempf, Artashes Minasian (45), Eduard Hämäläinen,
Karina Lombard, Doug Weight, Emma Bunton, Phil Neville (35),
Dany Heatley
CZK: 25.465 (0.61%), $US 19.736 (0.68%), Ł 30.541 (0.81%)
Weather in CZE, Brno: Mostly Cloudy, Light rain and snow
Temperature [°C]: 0, 2 (12hr), 3 (15hr), 0 (18hr), 1 (22hr)
Wind [km/h]: Calm, SW/16, SW/8, SE/13, SE/5
Humidity [%]: 68, 31, 32, 82, 98
WStats [km]: W 1|51 M 25|181 Y 25|1179 T 1356
RStats [km]: W 24|35 M 55|106 Y 55|343 T 415
Overall-Stats [km]: Y 80|1522 T 1772

Nečas (ODS) chce omezit administrativu podnikatelů a zjednodušit zákony. [ctk] [akt]

Bezdomovce naložit a vyvézt, navrhuje pražský náměstek Ivan Kabický (ODS) [1]. [akt]

Zasmrádlý čurbes a české cesty tunelem nechceme, zlobí se šéf lidovců Pavel Bělobrádek. [idn] [ctk] [nov]

Na jihu Moravy ubyla podle statistiky 1/2 věřících. Duchovní ale tvrdí, že se propad na bohoslužbách téměř neprojevil. Lidé jen nechtěli sdělit citlivé informace. [idn]

Private bondholders face additional losses Greek debt. Last-ditch talks on a Greek debt restructuring have taken an unexpected twist after official creditors demanded that private bondholders take additional losses following the country’s larger than expected economic contraction last year. Officials from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund called on Friday for a lower interest rate averaging 3.5% on new bonds after private bondholders had already agreed on a 4% coupon, according to people close to the discussions.

Hnutí Anonymous krátce napadlo stránky Elysejského paláce. [ctk]

Hackers Retaliate Against DOJ in Raging Online Piracy Fight. [PBSNewsHour @ yt]

Is Clicking A Link A Crime? Experts Say Anonymous Tricked ‚Net Users To Participate In Latest Attack. The hacker collective Anonymous struck again Thursday, launching its largest attack to date that temporarily brought down the websites of the Department of Justice and organizations that represent the movie and music industries. But not everyone who helped with the attack was a willing participant. Many Internet users may have inadvertently contributed to the so-called „denial of service attack,“ which floods a website with traffic until it crashes, simply by clicking on a malicious link that circulated widely on Twitter, experts said. [hup]

Why Lawmakers Changed Their Minds On SOPA. Stop SOPA: How People And Social Media Changed Lawmakers‘ Minds. [hup]

Aaron Barr [1], Cybersecurity Analyst Who Was Hacked By Anonymous And Infiltrated Occupy Wall Street, Gets Fired. [hup]

Patrick Ruffini, President, Engage; technologist; presidential campaign vet: Beyond SOPA: A New Birth of Internet Freedom [1]. For libertarians, there is new hope in the power of a self-organizing and self-regulating Internet to stand up for itself against invasive governments and powerful legacy industries that seek to manage our options as consumers. [hup]

Peter Scheer, Executive Director, First Amendment Coalition: Battle Over SOPA Shows Why Corporations Need First Amendment Protection. Call this new institution, the corporate power brokers of Silicon Valley and other digital meccas across the country, the Fifth Estate. Pulling the plug on SOPA was the occasion for their political coming out. [hup]

Barefoot running is catching on in Wellington. Who needs padded running shoes, anyway? [stf]

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